Tatiana Tufánova

Last name gets back to Persian word طوفان "tufan" that means windstorm.

september 4, 1993 | co-founder of .bow | also known as「hetiru」

I'm a self-taught digital and comic artist who enjoys drawing from early childhood, once my mom showed me how to hold a pencil. My actual childhood hobby was butterfly breeding, so I love it no less than drawing. 

I entered Moscow State Linguistic University with the specialization Translation and interpretation studies (Japanese & English) in 2011. Both my course works and diploma were mostly cultural in nature. In 2014, I passed Japanese government nikkensei program and studied linguistics abroad for 1 year in Tohoku University, Japan.


Working as a freelance artist, I've got a valuable experience in art creation field. However, the decision to try myself as a comic creator, as I've ever dreamed of, was just a matter of time. Currently I have a few dear to me stories in mind and I'll do everything in my power to see all of them released in any of possible ways. 

Most of my stories are within oneshots or a couple of volumes series. As I used to love watching being a viewer, I prefer to draw short/full length stories which could touch peoples' hearts. 

I've been a paper published in "Monsa Publishing" (Spain), "Comic Press", "Comic Factory", "Komilfo", etc. One of oneshot stories "Oranda" was printed in the manga anthology of Tohoku University while I was there by internship. 


Costasiella kuroshimae has become my artist mascot since 2019.

Please, enjoy! ❤

Icon © Semcool


▾ Russia, Moscow State Linguistic University (former ISLU)

                (Japanese, English), 2011-2016

▾ Japan, Tohoku University (文化部), 2014-2015

▾ 日本語能力試験 JLPT (N2) 

▾ Sochi Olympic Games 2014, Interpreter (Japanese)


Software:  Paint Tool SAI

                       Adobe Photoshop CS6

                       Clip Studio Paint EX   


Tablet:       Cintiq 27 QHD (since December 2015)

                       Wacom Intuos Pen Small (A6)

Art experience: 

▾ Computeriada, IT grathic & design, Winner (2008)

▾ Hanako-games: Long Live the Queen, Wallpaper illustrator (2012)

▾ Magic Knight, VNG. corp, DeNA Japna, Yahoo!Mobage, Finalist (2013)

▾ Steam-Cosplay Con, Fanart-category, Winner (2014)

▾ MNG#9, Comics factory, Illustrator (2014)

▾ Manga inspired, Monsa Publishing, ES, Illustrator (2015)

▾ Chibi manga, Monsa Publishing, ES, Illustrator (2015)

▾ Dere★Project: weekly 4-koma, Mangaka (2015)

▾ Novella Gaming: But I love you, Illustrator (2015-2016)

▾ Big Festival & AVA EXPO, Poster-category, Finalist (2016)

▾ Arika, chara-designer (2016-2017)

▾ What if..., Big Festival Comic Book, Finalist (2017)

▾ StoryLake: Tanya Grotter, Designer of 3 main characters & mantles (2018)

▾ 露漫画道, Exhibition, Comic Book (2018)

Alice Angel [Angel of the Stage ver.2] 3D collaboration model design

    with William Rabbit, Bendy and the Ink Machine by theMeatly (2018)

Istari Comics, Part-time Illustrator (2019-2020)

Participation in artbooks: 

▾ MBTea-project, 2013

▾ Requiem, 2013

▾ Memorieal, 2014

▾ Dream in color, 2014

▾ Cafe-SweetHeart, 2014

▾ Rewritten, 2015

▾ Fragments: Studio Ghibli Works, 2015 

▾ Magic world of book, 2016

▾ GamersforGood, Undertale Charity Artbook, 2016

▾ ComicPress, Art-compilation, 2016       


▾ Witch Artbook, 2018

Mermaid Artbook, 2019