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✦ Dere★Project: weekly 4-koma ✦

    Bringing Dere to the world!

March 2015 - ..... (current time)

✦ Education: 

  • Russia, Irkutsk State Linguistic University 

                   (Japanese, English), 2011-2016

  • Japan, Tohoku University (文化部), 2014-2015

  • 日本語能力試験 JLPT (N2) - December 2016


​✦ Software: Paint Tool SAI

                    Adobe Photoshop CS6

                    Clip Studio Paint EX

                    Corel Draw

✦ Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pen Small (A6)

                Citiq 27 QHD (since December 2015)

Sei Oariesfloyd

StoryLake: Tanya Grotter, Comic Illustrator (2018)

Fanart contest 

    [December 2014 - February 2015]
 Sketches and doodles 



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This story was supported by:

La la la

La la la

La la la

Composition [commission]:

greeneyed meganekko

crystal-clear kaleidoscope

Music which fits the project

Elane - Crystal Clear Water

Music which fits the project

Elane - My Ivory Fairy

「Painted matryoshka」side story

is preparing for publishing in

"露マンガ道" Comic Book,

Comic Factory, Autumn, 2018

Tatiana Tufánova

september 4 | co-founder of .bow | also known as「hetiru」

✦ ???: Gooseberry Ch.1

✦ ???: Gooseberry Ch.2

              (The end of 1st volume)

✦ ???: The song of pearls

✦ ???: Gooseberry Ch.3

✦ ???: Gooseberry Ch.4

                       (The end of 2d volume)


29 Apr 2019

The print copies of "The Fairy of Briny Tears" in Russian are finally in our hands! 

03 Dec 2018

The design was updated again (and it's going to have some changes in the future as well), new domain name, some info added.

05 May 2018

The "Gooseberry Cast" section was updated with new characters

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=> ??? year: Six minutes before                                Marena's carrying out

✦ ???: GB: Replace the Sun

                       (1 volume story)

???: Noise of the rain

                       (1 volume story)

CHARACTERS (random concepts)

Commission work for Catgirldstr11

Commission work for Pluehunter

Art gift for Harumagai

Art gift for Mariko-chan94

Commission work for Vaniraa

Commission work for Akahori

Original art

Commission work for Mysteryparfait

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - Le petit prince
Otfried Preussler - The little witch
Pavel Bazhov - The Mistress of the Copper Mountain
Mark Twain - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Russian folklore - Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden)
Aleksey Tolstoy - Buratino
Hans Christian Andersen
Dmitri Yemets - Tanya Grotter | Methodius Buslaev

Tatiana T. (a.k.a Hetiru)

Also known as Hetiru

Last name gets back to Persian word طوفان "tufan" that means windstorm.


September 4, 1993 ▾ Female ▾ Lake Baikal, Siberia

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Thank you so much!


 Chibi fairy © Semcool

Guest artists:

Weyo ★ DAV19 ★ PontyK ★ MUITO