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Gooseberry (2011 - ...)

虫擬人化の漫画 * An Anthropomorphic Insect Manga

Since the beginning of time there was no aphid specie what could stand against exploiting them ladybugs. The "Golden pattern" family was the first who got retribution for suffering its adversities. The ladybugs enraged and sworn revenge: to raze aphid bases to the ground and destroy their young last generation.

A capricious main heroine, Miika, who used to be a nurse in ladybug kindergarten, suddenly finds herself in constant flow of events. Not blamed, but her own motive-driven, she leaves Gooseberry Quarter and makes decision to find hidden aphid bases before the elite task force from her village does it. 

However, Miika still doesn't know how dangerous her badly planned adventure could be....

Type: 3 volumes manga series.
Rating: PG-13.
Format: prologue + 4 chapters + oneshot.
 Genre: adventures, action, romance, comedy, drama.

English Copy Edit: Amanda Chojnacki.
Status: ON HOLD.

Chapter list:

▾ Prologue: Court in the Midsummer's night.

 1 ch.: Arcane visitor: the one who will lead me.

 2 ch.: Gold of bases sheltering in deep dark.

 3 ch.: Lyrics for the rain's lullaby.

 4 ch.: Freed from the Sorrow (end).

Oneshot: Gooseberry: Replace the Sun.


Fonts: Canvas Script-Heavy (logo), Arial Black, MP Manga Font. 


Important dates:

2011, November 18 (IDEA)

2011, November - 2013, November (CHARACTERS)


2014, October 1 (PROMO RELEASE)

2015, January 28 (PROMO RELEASE | ENGLISH)





(c) Copyright Material.

Characters & story belong to Hetiru.

Artist: Joyfool

Artist: Shaienny

Artist: Weyowang

Artist: Ветер Цвета Индиго (KazeAi7)

Artist: Semcool

Artist: Kaze-hime

Artist: Weyowang

Artist: Expie Ai

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