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The seven-spot ladybug, Gooseberry Quarter

Japanese pronunciation of the name: ミーイカ [ Miika / Mijka ]

Character's design: November 13, 2011

Age: 3 months (18 y.o)

General lifespan of this insect's specie: 1-2 years
Protagonist, a ladybug with iron life-attitude. A little impulsive and quick-tempered, but is able to think long-term or controls herself when it makes sense. Compromises - it's not about Miika!
She lives with her mother in a Gooseberry Quarter. Having a grudge against the "Golden pattern" family, Miika hates Nail with the whole her ladybug's being.
The cherished Miika's dream is about being a member of Elite task force along with Roon, but she isn't allowed to enter.

Likes: Emma's handmade things (you'd better not to know that x'd)

Dislikes: rush into an undertaking, total darkness, ???

Fun facts:

> despite of unrestrained personality, Miika is in good standing in the eyes of the Quarter citizens.

> she does her best taking care of the little kids during work hours, but she actives as a kid herself when it comes to wake up early at days off till the time the mother comes and shakes her awake.
Weapon: 8 capsules with poison (keeps under the skirt).

The most suitable voice: Inoue Marina

Tags: Tumblr ▾ Fanart


The seven-spot ladybug, Gooseberry Quarter

Japanese pronunciation of the name: ルン [ Roon ]

Character's design: May 14, 2013

Age: 3,2 months (20-21 y.o)

General lifespan of this insect's specie: 1-2 years
A member of ladybugs' Elite task force and Miika's intended.
Having a harmonious temper, Roon usually actives calm, sometimes canny. No matter whom Roon talks to, he tries to show his respect for the person. Roon proves a good advantage in Miika's family being the one who looks after Miika since the early childhood.

Likes: Miika

Dislikes: his own green colored eyes, irresponsibility, ???

Fun facts:

> the smooth personality is one of the reasons why Miika feels annoyance about Roon, since she considers it as Roon's attempts to hide his real thoughts deeply inside. 

> after each raid Roon enjoys dropping by Miika's house and hanging out at her kitchen. 

> opposed to "you-know-whom" Roon is a morning person.
Weapon: a tight rope (wears on a belt), capsules with poison, a first-aid kit

The most suitable voice: Ono Kensho

Tags: Tumblr ▾ Fanart


The ant, "Wild grasses" family

Japanese pronunciation of the name: エッマ [ Emma ]

Character's design: spring, 2012

Age: 3 months (18 y.o)

General lifespan of this insect's specie: 1-7 years (female ~20 years)
Miika's childhood best friend (at least she wants to think so). A very cheerful, communicative and open-handed person. Mostly Emma is busy with her work, but time to time she likes coming at Miika's place and spend time with her. Once Emma finally finds a free minute, she enjoys knitting handmade bracelets.

Likes: the life

Dislikes/fears: ???
Weapon: a portable radio set

The most suitable voice: Kayano Ai

Tags: Tumblr ▾ Fanart


The aphid, "Golden pattern" family

Japanese pronunciation of the name: ネイル [ Neiru ]

Character's design: November 13, 2011

Age: 1 week (15-19 y.o)

General lifespan of this insect's specie: 25 days and less
Deuteragonist, a male representative of Last generation in the "Golden pattern" family. Insolent, obtrusive, enjoys making fun of Miika each time they met. 
He lives at unknown to ladybugs bases along with his sister PanPan. 
Nail is a way younger than Miika, but he is almost the same age as her at the story end because of different speed of growing. 

Likes: ???

Dislikes/fears: Samalla's pressure, ???
Weapon: 2 short sword-blades (keeps in two pockets).

The most suitable voice: Yuki Kaida

Tags: Tumblr ▾ Fanart


The aphid, Nail's younger sister, "Golden pattern" family

Japanese pronunciation of the name: パンパン [ PanPan ]

Character's design: August 3, 2012

Age: several days (9-13 y.o)

General lifespan of this insect's specie: 30 days (the cap ability of wintering)

A female representative of Last generation in the "Golden pattern" family. The princess. 
PanPan is greatly attached to her elder brother. Most of the time she shows an obnoxious attitude, but in general she could be called a nice person. 

Fun facts: PanPan feels lonely because of her disfavour to the equal in age princesses.

Weapon: weaponless ???
The most suitable voice: Rina Hidaka

Tags: Tumblr ▾ Fanart


The bumblebee, "The infirm tree" family

Japanese pronunciation of the name: フィーロ [ Feero ]

Character's design: August 25, 2013

Age: 1 month (19-20 y.o)

General lifespan of this insect's specie: 1 month
An optimistic bumblebee worker who looks full of life, but the truth is that his time limit is almost running out. Realizing that, Firo tries to live the rest of days as cheerful as he can, but it isn't still enough for him because most of the time he is busy with hard work in the hive. And everything must have been okay, if the bumblebee male colleagues could share his interest in love relationships! But no, - it's not about bumblebee workers you know. You should work hard the whole life, 18 hours per each day, without any outside thought. Oneday Firo's patience snaps and he decides to get together with one girl from fireflies...
Likes: heat, hanging out with friends in evenings, proving himself out in front of Carira
Dislikes: cold rainy days, throwing in face opinion

Fun facts: 

> Firo delights in his mother, the Bumblebee Queen, but still he couldn't receive as much attention as he wants from her side because of the children quantity and royal busyness.

> Each time Firo sees Carira's food ration he tries to grab some made in the hive nectar for her, but she doesn't like it though. 

> Firo has an extraordinary memory the same as the whole his family does. 

> Being an easy-going person he doesn't mind to have a talk to bumblebees from alternative families, but they never answer back in kind because of the biological reasons connected to bumblebee specie. 
Weapon: a sting (keeps in the boot).

The most suitable voice: Shimazaki Nobunaga

Tags: Tumblr ▾ Fanart


The firefly

Japanese pronunciation of the name: カリーラ [ Carira ]

Character's design: August 25, 2013

Age: (19 y.o)

General lifespan of this insect's specie: 3-4 months
A quite and shiny firefly girl who full of dreams about a prince-charming and big beautiful love. Along of the specie tradition, female fireflies have to decorate their little houses as beautiful as they could, using a lot of bright lights which are able to catch a male sight. And every female firefly is obligated to get married to the first male firefly stepped on the threshold being charmed with it's light. 
Unfortunately, Carira's light is scarce and weak - it's doubtful it could attract someone's eye. Also she obviously has no taste in decorating the house! Never the less, it doesn't stop her from refusing Firo's help and build a new house instead. 
Likes: be alone, clients gratitude
Dislikes: her own dress shining at the midnight, persons she is sick of about

Fun facts:

> Sometimes Carira shows courage under adversity and actives herself really stubborn despite of her sweet personality.

> She does her best making a Master lantern for a festival.

> Carira's eyes without flecks of light look really creepy X'd
Weapon: weaponless

The most suitable voice: Kuwashima Houko

Tags: Tumblr ▾ Fanart


The cockchafer

Japanese pronunciation of the name: セッフ [ Seffu ]

Character's design: November 11, 2013

Age: (23 y.o)

General lifespan of this insect's specie: 3 years underground, 1 year as an adult
A very sustainable and thoughtful person, the oldest in their little company. He doesn't care much about many things. Most of the time Seff feels chilly, so he prefers to wear a fur clothes. Interestingly, Seff is very popular among girls from different insect species, but he doesn't pay much attention to them since he is already in relations with a female cockchafer Zee On MaNella
Likes: children, keep the track of events thanks to Sanna Lara's tattles
Dislikes: when someone pries into his private life, violence

Fun facts: 

> Seff has never been involved into fights even if he wears a lot of shields and such.

> When Seff moves, it happens with no noise.

> Both Seff and his fiancee Manella have poor memory and sometimes they can't remember obvious things. 
Weapon: 2 couple-swords on his hands, cooper shields on trousers
The most suitable voice: Maeno Tomoaki

Tags: Tumblr ▾ Fanart


The firebug, Firo's best friend

Japanese pronunciation of the name: コルダ [ Koruda ]

Character's design: November 11, 2013

Age: (17 y.o)

General lifespan of this insect's specie: 1 year
A stubborn firebug who lives along with the big family consisted of brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles in the mouldering stump. He couldn't stand their suppress quantity and pretty frequently he boils over that. A lot of the time Kolda feels the lack of food. Trying to avoid impairment of provision, he run away several times, but each time he returned back because of lack of experience to live by his own.
Likes: having enough lunch
Dislikes: hanging out with Firo and Seff (it's exhausting), Sanna Lara's hysterias, Carira's uncertainty about everything she does

Fun facts: 

> despite everything above, Kolda is a soft-hearted person who tries to help and support each time when somebody needs it. 

> the one in the company who doesn't have an ability to fly.    
Weapon: weaponless

The most suitable voice: Hiroyuki Yoshino

Tags: Tumblr ▾ Fanart

Sanna Lara

The green lacewings

Japanese pronunciation of the name: サンナ・ララ [ Sanna Rara ]

Character's design: November 11, 2013

Age: (16 y.o)

General lifespan of this insect's specie: 1,5 month
The youngest in their company, a true tsundere. Sanna Lara has a down on everything and it seems too difficult to find a favour in her eyes. She lives in her own and is famous by her attendances at parties. Sanna Lara has a lot of social contacts with insects from different species. In spite of her young age, Sanna Lara changes the boyfriends like gloves. 
Likes: big insects' parties and events, perfectly going out off difficult situations, listening to praise and jolly.
Dislikes: Carira (no more girls allowed, right?). 
Weapon: ???

The most suitable voice: Nomizu Iori

Tags: Tumblr ▾ Fanart


The seven-spot ladybug, Miika's mother


Character's design: spring, 2012



Character's design: November 1, 2013



Character's design: November 1, 2013

Véto and Paména

The ladybug larvas

Energetic children from the Miika's group in the kindergarten. 

Characters' design: July 27, 2014


The harlequin ladybug

A commander of Elite task force.

Character's design: March 10, 2014

Ivel (Ive)

The harlequin ladybug, Yarinar's son

A right-hand man in Elite task force. The most promising warrior. 

Character's design: August 7, 2014


The lycaenid butterfly

A harmful butterfly whom Emma is attached to.

Her name translates as "free" from Romani.

Character's design: July 27, 2014

Ollin Sur

The green shield bug

A member of aristocracy in Gooseberry Quarter.

Character's design: August 27, 2013


The man-faced bug

A member of aristocracy in Gooseberry Quarter.

Character's design: May 27, 2015


The italian striped bug

A member of aristocracy in Gooseberry Quarter.

Character's design: May 27, 2015


The turquoise shield bug

A member of aristocracy in Gooseberry Quarter.

Character's design: May 27, 2015



Character's design: November 3, 2013

The Founder


Character's design: February 19, 2017



Character's design: February 19, 2017

Kasa Ooira

The red wood ant

A very strict and reasonable queen of "Wild grasses" family. 

Character's design: September, 2014

Regent Tsen

???, "Fern parade" family

Character's design: May 11-12, 2018

Lady Lay and Lady Yun

???, "Fern parade" family

Characters' design: December 21, 2017

The Greatest Queen Bon

The bumblebee, Firo's mother

A calm and sweet-tempered queen of "The infirm tree" family.

Character's design: March 10, 2014

Silk Kien

The bombyx mori, "Forgotten lands" manufacture

Silk Kien (reads as "silk kiyon" from Korean) is a queen of silk fields in China area. Being an expert in fabric and thread, she runs a business selling the best quality product to wealthy customers from all over the world. 

Silk is somehow used to be called a trendsetter.

She has lots of bombyx mori silkworm larvas at her disposal to help with a manufacture. 

Most of the time Silk is busy with spinning.

Character's design: June 5, 2014

Zee On Manella


Character's design: May 22, 2015



Character's design: June 5, 2014


The earwig


Character's design: August 7, 2014

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General information about ages:

Depends on a general insects' lifespan, different insects have variant age of becoming "adults". For example, ladybugs and regular bugs live for 1 up to 2 years (3 years is also possible), so Miika and Roon can reach a pensionable age. However, insects like aphids or bumble-bees live only several months, so their age will be "frozen" in particular period of time when an insect reaches "twenty years old". Such insects would die not from being old, but because of a sudden stroke or losing life power. That is why Nail, PanPan, Firo and any other characters arrive at the age of "twenty" and freeze in the appearance loop without age progressing until the death.

Main characters reference sheet, 2013.

"Replace the sun" characters

 reference sheet, 2013.

Bonus characters reference sheet, 2014.

Characters' bodybuild, 2017.

Various art, 2018.

Characters' height, 2015.

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