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Path to the future

paved with memoria gems (2016)

Contest-submission | SMA06 award candidate


Collab-manga project between me & Semcool.

Memoria means "Memories" from the Latin Language. 


Type: oneshot.
Rating: G.
Format: 24 pages.
Genre: slice of life, supernatural.


Collaboration details:

Character designs: together

Storyline: together

Storyboard: me (first part), Semcool (second part)

Clear sketch/Art-style: Semcool

Line/Details/Screentones: me

Color: Semcool


Fonts: Mathlete, Jeff Script, MS UI Gothic, Anime Ace v05.

Important dates:

2016, June 21 (IDEA + CHARACTERS) 

2016, June 22 (STORYLINE)

2016, August 26-28 (STORYBOARD)

2016, September 10-30 (CREATION PROCESS)


Silent Manga Audition #6

"When I was a child" theme.

(c) Copyright Material.