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At the Journey's End - Antti Martikainen
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The Fairy of Briny Tears (2019)

Don’t risk buying a fairy if it doesn’t have a manufacturer’s mark on the flip side of the bottle. But closing his eyes to the salesman’s cautions, the little boy still chose that long-awaited gift. As expected, a troublesome, whimpering fairy is nothing like those hilarious tamagotchi-fairies that one’s classmates are bragging about! So what lies in store for the boy who owns such a fairy?

 Format: oneshot + extras.

Raiting: PG.
Genre: fairytale, fantasy, drama.

English Copy Edit: Amanda Chojnacki.

▾ ISBN: 978-5-6042144-6-6.



 Main story: The Fairy of Briny Tears (64 pages).

 Extra #1: A Shame of a Dog (2 pages).

 Extra #2: Waltz of the Rooks (14 pages).

▾ Additional Materials (7 pages).


Fonts: Black Diamond (logo), Anime Ace v05, BirchCTT, v_Augie, DS Eraser Cyr, DigitalStripCyrillic, Sunday, Gant, Plainot, Comics Script Russ.   


Important dates:

2014, July 24 (IDEA, STORYLINE) 

2014, July 24, August 8 (CHARACTERS)




(c) Copyright Material.

Characters & story belong to Hetiru.

Loko's additional outfits.

Artist: Ветер Цвета Индиго (KazeAi7)

Artist: Sophia Bunduk

Artist: E-X-P-I-E

Artist: Shaienny

Artist: Rosorium Sol

Artist: Shusui (AzuHaru)

Artist: Grace-Xerxes

Artist: Akiruk


▾ 100 pages 

▾ B5 format

▾ russian available | english later

▾ UV coating cover

▾ 2 full color illustrations

▾ concept art, designs & info

▾ guest artists:

     Weyo ★ DAV19 ★ PontyK ★ MUITO