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David Bisbal - Ave María

The Pearl Tune (2012)


Even if we speak in different languages, we have more understanding between each other comparing to the ones who speak the same language as me (c) 

New to the summer camp, Regina immediately starts to make her wish come true - she tries to find a real pearl in the White Sea! Of course, it's easy to say then done. Having failed her grandiose mission several times, oneday she listens to the melody. This melody is leading her to a person who will become her associate in this not an easy matter. But wait..! What is he saying? What language is it? Deutsch?!!  


 Format: 1 volume (130 pages). 

Raiting: PG. 
Genre: comedy, slice of life.



Materials of "Painted matryoshka" side story:

Fonts: Karnac, AFuturaRoundDemi, Anime Ace v05, aZZ AB Tribute Cyr, BirchCTT, Calibri, DigitalStripCyrillic, DS Eraser, Jeff Script, Manga Temple, MingliU, Roboto.


Important dates:

2012, The idea was created for the Tottori's manga contest              with "Sea" theme, but I failed to realize it.

2012, January 12 (CHARACTERS)

2016, August 3 (STORYLINE)






(c) Copyright Material.

Characters & story belong to Hetiru.

Artist: Haggy Lagman

Artist: Joyfool

Artist: Semcool

Artist: Saiyuri

Artist: Ex Libris

Artist: Olya Butorina

Artist: Ecxocotoo

Artist: Unicorn Gunter


「Painted matryoshka」side story published in "露漫画道"

 Comic Book, Comic Factory, Autumn, 2018.