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The Sound of the Rain (2011)

Hear me, create my image (c)


Incognito concluded an agreement with a devil, little blind and emotionally unstable Chiei got into mental hospital. After a year and a half afraid of own child parents took a pity of her and sent their child to odd grandpa. 
Rejected by loved ones Chiei is moving to the person whom she even hasn't seen before. It seems the village itself wanted to help to poor child, however, Chiei is inflexible: a day by day and looking like a doll she spends her time within the precincts of dark room till the time...... she started to hear the nature voices........   


 Format: 1 volume.

▾ Raiting: PG-12. 

Genre: supernatural, drama, romance.



Important dates:

2011, May 22 (IDEA)

2011, May 22 - July 24 (CHARACTERS)







(c) Copyright Material.

Characters & story belong to Hetiru.

Artist: Ruretto

Artist: Amane

Artist: Kamerim

Artist: Semcool

Artist: DAV19

Artist: Risa1

Artist: Kahookashii

Artist: Joyfool